Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Spirit within me

I haven’t been at the computer much the past week or so. The wheels seemed to get knocked off my little red wagon, but I got them back on and I am again rolling on.

Being away for a few days has given me a lot of thinking time and I have a lot of thoughts to write about. There is so much good in the world but also too many areas that, lets just say could be improved upon. If only we could find a way to blend the two.

A few days ago my brother-in-law Henri left a comment containing a wonderful quote, Henri’s comment”

“Hi Bill,

Yes, for me, since I am not so good at writing prose. I prefer to let others such as Elie Wiesel:

The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.
The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference.
The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference.
And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.

Have a great New Year.. Thanks to your “ramblings” I will do my best Not to be indifferent.”

Henri I thank you for sharing that. I had to think about that for a bit to let the real depth of it’s meaning sink in. The more I thought the more I realized, it is true. I realize and appreciate everyone has a very busy life. So busy in fact, it is a struggle just to get everything done. Our hectic schedules leave no time for so many things, the arts, culture…… Here over time I can see an indifference towards these things setting in.

BUT, I can not understand how we can allow that same indifference to infiltrate our lives to the point, we become indifferent about people. I can already hear many saying I have enough problems of my own without taking on or getting involved with someone else’s. Their problems are theirs and have no effect on me. This is where we are all so wrong. We are all in this life together with no exceptions and what effects one eventually affects all in someway.

I have written often asking all to share simple smiles. Something as simple as a smile can have such a positive uplifting effect. It can be passed from one to another lighting up the world. The ripple affect, it spreads outward in every direction, who is to know how far it will spread and how many may be touched by it. I ask then could a single tear not have that same affect. The ripple spreading outward touching how many lives.

The vast majority of people throughout this world I know to be kind, generous, wonderful people. I have seen it, I have experienced it and felt it right here in the blog world. A couple of months ago, I wrote of a young lady, Philippa, of her pain and emotional difficult times. Dozens of messages of love and support were left for her. (Philippa left another message under yesterdays post, please check out her thank you). Personally, I have received so many wonderful supportive, loving comments, they number in the thousands. I have been so touched by every one of them.

No one can ever tell me the world is not full of kind, loving, generous and compassionate people. I “KNOW” love abounds.

For my birthday, I actually requested special gifts from any and all that might read my post. The gifts requested, acts of kindness to another. To whom the kindness was shown didn’t matter, nor did the “size” of the act. All that mattered was that each person out of the pure goodness of their hearts performed just one small extra act of kindness. I was over whelmed at the dozens of responses I got. Both here on the blog and via email. Irregardless of the act of kindness, a common theme was mentioned in so many of the messages. Many commented on how good it made them feel to be able to something for another. How they had gained from the experience. Many involved their families, so wonderful. I am so grateful to everyone, so proud of all my friends.

It was an absolute win/win situation, with both the doer of the deep and the recipient benefiting, how wonderful is that?

I have an idea to try to expand on those win/win situations. I can’t even begin to imagine the ripple affect that was generated or how far it spread in these situations, coming from both the doer and the recipient.

I was going to post a simple request for this to be carried on. My hope is to encourage it to carry on as a continuous and expanding theme within all of our lives. A simple post may be read and forgotten about over time. I am not sure if this will have any affect or make any difference, helping to expand and maintain individual comments I don’t know. But will give it a try. SO:

I invite and encourage all to join my very non-exclusive group of friends. All are welcome, no restrictions of any kind. I have read in many places that people become more commited to something if they have signed a document of commitment. So in that regard I have set up a new page title “Spirit within me”. The word “me” should be read as applying to each individual and definitely not me, as in Bill. It represents the spirit contained with each of you. I hope people will sign up and take membership in the group as a serious commitment.

Ok, what is the group about. It is just a group of friends joining together to try in any small way to make the world at least a little better place. Sharing stories of love and kindness around the world.

Is there a cost to belong to this group? YES, but not a monetary cost. The cost is something much more precious that mere money. The cost is spending some of your precious time. How much time? Five minutes a week. I don’t care how busy anyone’s life is, there is no one that can honestly say they couldn’t squeeze in 5 minutes a week. How is that 5 minutes of precious time to be spent? Actively looking for and performing an extra act of kindness to be preformed for another, who doesn’t matter, the size of the act doesn’t matter. What matters is that we all take the time, even just 5 minutes a week to look for a way to perform an act of kindness.

Second, requirement. If any thanks is offered we decline to accept it. Instead state only that the only thanks you require or request is that another act of kindness be passed on to yet another. Think of the ripples we are creating.

Benefits, unlimited, gained from the peace and love to be contained within our hearts. That warm fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing I did something good, not because I had to but simply because I wanted to.

Please join my group of friends.



4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Spirit within me

  1. Selma says:

    Count me in. It costs nothing to carry out an act of kindness and you might just make someone’s day. Then they might decide to make someone else’s day and so on. Brilliant idea!

  2. Mel says:

    10,080 minutes in a week–yep, five is doable! 😉

    Now ya know I had way lots of fun with the Birthday gift.
    Heck YEAH, you can show me where to sign!

    I’m glad to see the wheels are back on and working well.
    Maybe it was just the Big Guy trying to get your creative mind to kick in?
    Seems to have worked! LOL

  3. ceeque says:

    what a damn fine idea Bill! I love it to bits and I`m in and signed up …..

  4. babychaos says:

    Great idea, I may even shyly contribute! I also loved the Elie Wisel quote, although I would add that the opposite of art is anarchy because art is a sign of civilisation – and by “civilisation” I mean the attitude rather than pure technical advancement.

    Happy New Year.



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