Dying Man’s Daily Journal – MERRY CHRISTMAS

Merry Christmas to all. May all have the most joyous of festive seasons.

I purpose what I am told is and old Irish toast to all that may read this, Hey I offer this toast to the entire world. Know this comes from my heart to each and everyone of you:

“May the very best day in your past, be not nearly as good as the worst day in your future”.

Christmas Day will soon be upon us and it can be such a wonderful day. Notice, I said “can” be wonderful.

Let’s face it December 25th is just a date on a the calendar. It is what we chose to do with that date that determines it all. It is what is contained in our individual minds and hearts that really will determine the day. December 25th is a day that will be what we make of it.

Many I know will be attending various Church services, acknowledging the true meaning of Christmas. Even more will not. I hope all will at least take even just a moment to say a prayer of thanks and maybe even just say happy birthday.

Many will use this occasion for a family gathering, many traveling great distances to be home for Christmas. Many will, or can not.

Many will be alone, or maybe cases like young couples spending their first Christmas, together but away from family.

I have in fact over the years spent 2 Christmas’s alone. I admit those two, long ago Christmas’s just didn’t have the same festive feel to me. In both cases it was circumstances that dictated that I would be alone and in each case I allowed myself to develop a serious case of “poor me”. No one forced that feeling on me, I in fact chose to feel that way, I spoiled my own enjoyment of the occasion.

I am going to share a few other ways I have, or have seen others spoil their enjoyment of the Season. Now it could be asked why is this jerk writing about ways to spoil Christmas, shouldn’t he be writing about the wonders of Christmas. Well in my typical backward way that is what I am trying to do. It is still a few days before Christmas and I want all to enjoy the true wonders of the season and I suppose beware of the “pit falls” that can so easily spoil our days or at least did mine.
Enjoy, cherish and relish the day, irregardless of circumstances, events or anything.

There are hundreds of ways we can allow ourselves to spoil our day. Here are but a few of the ways I have done it to myself or seen others do it, such a shame.
Please don’t let this foolishness spoil your Christmas. Make a conscious choice the day will be wonderful and it will be. So please don’t:

-Don’t be a gift counter or try to assess the value of gifts to see if you got as much or of at least equal value to others. You are setting yourself up to spoil your day.

-Don’t get stress over trying to prepare the perfect meal and having it all ready on time. If the meal is an hour later than planned, who really cares. So the meatballs are a little burnt, who really cares. You are setting yourself up to spoil your day.

-Don’t get stressed over being stuck in the kitchen cooking while the entire family sounds to be having so much fun. Ok, this can kind of suck. Instead of fretting and letting it spoil your day, try to think of it as a loving gesture. One that you are lovingly doing to prepare that special meal for your family.

-Don’t get upset over who else may be attending a family gathering. So Uncle Fred is bringing his new wife and you can’t stand her. No one can spoil our day except ourselves.

I could go on and on, the potential list of spoilers is almost endless. I hope and I pray nothing spoils the day for anyone.

Our own personal attitude and mindset is both our greatest asset and our greats short coming. This applies with no exception and irregardless of anything.

I want to share a wonderful Christmas present I recently received. This gift came by way of a comment left for me right here on the blog. The comment was left for me by a name I was unfamiliar with, papercutstar. Here is the actual comment:

Hi, thought you might find inspiration in my blog entry about my father, 63 years of old and diagnosed with terminal colorectal cancer. Take a look- I hope that it brings joy to you this holiday season. http://papercutstar.wordpress.com/

I was intrigued and visited the site. I was both blessed and felt so gifted to have read about Mr. Max Borner. There is a beautifully written post about Mr. Borner’s battle with colorectal cancer, his chemo treatments and of how he is living with cancer. Oh, how he is LIVING with it. If there ever is a case where someone would have an excuse to just curl up in a ball and lay in bed all day it would be Mr. Borner. Has he done that, absolutely not if anything it is the exact reverse. With his amazing mindset and attitude, he is living his life. Nothing as “trivial” as cancer is going to spoil his days. His attitude and spirit are a true gift to all that read. Mr. Borner, you have become one of my true life heroes, I thank you for showing me how to live life. May I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

Many will wonder, why would I share a link to a site about a man that is dying. Please read it, click on the link I posted above. Read it and you will immediately see. It is as story that will help inspire all to have a better Christmas. The gift of that has inspired me to have a better Christmas, given to me, I pass on to all.

I quote the last paragraph of the post”

“So, when the holiday blues threaten to put a damper on your outlook, take a moment to remember what’s important and get out there and do the things that make you happy. Who knows, maybe you’ll inspire someone else to do the same.”

7 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – MERRY CHRISTMAS

  1. Holiday blues! Bah humbug to that I say. Merry Christmas to you and yours Bill. We’ll be eating, drinking and laughing our way through the day with family and friends. Our only Christmas rule: If it doesn’t have butter, alcohol or sugar it’s not allowed in the door!


    Merry Christmas Martha, I really like your Christmas rule.

  2. Rob Falk says:


    I stumbled on your blog quite by accident. I was a friend of your cousin Mike, in fact we were roommates in the 60’s and Mike lived with my wife and I in 70’s. I heard that Mike had died and was searching online for an obit when I found your online prayer requests for him and your announcement that he had died. I talked with his sister Marge today and she filled me in on the rest of the details. My prayers certainly go out to the family.

    I have read about half of your daily journals (so far) and have found them courageous and inspirational. Your journal, I’m sure has touched and encouraged so many. As hope in this life fades it is good to know we have an eternal hope in our Lord. I pray that you will have a blessed Christmas season with family and friends.


    Hi Rob, thank you for dropping by it is nice to hear from you. After we left the farm I mostly lost contact with Mike, it is nice to hear from one of his friends.
    I thank you for your kind comments on the blog.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours

  3. papercutstar says:

    I am touched that you found the story of my family so inspirational. May your Christmas and all days after be filled with pure peace and joy. Live every moment- there’s no rewind button on this TiVo program called life 🙂 All the best to you in 2008.

    Dear papercutstar, I thank you for the visit and the comment. After reading your post, there really is no way not to feel your dad and family is truly inspirational. I hope you will keep us updated as the journey continues.
    You are so correct in saying live every moment. There is no rewind, as each moment passes it is gone forever.
    Merry Christmas and all the best to you and yours.

  4. dobegil says:

    It is so easy for us to fall into the worldly trap of poor poor pitiful me. Unfortunately, the evil one would like nothing better than all of us going down that path, especially on Christmas Day. How many of us have been through that kind of Christmas in the past? I know my hand is raised.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderfully written thoughts and reaching the blogsphere world with your encouragement. You are such a blessed person and you are definately one of His Earth Angels.

    Merry Christmas to you, Vi, your family and friends.

    Hi Deb, nice to hear from you. Isn’t it sad that it is so much easier to fall into the poor me feelings than it is to climb out of them.
    I thank you for your so kind thoughts.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  5. Autumn Storm says:

    Bill, every time I come here I leave feeling infused by the wise and inspirational words that you write. Thank you for sharing the link to papercutstar, what an amazing man, he sounds.
    Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas. Take care, xo

    I thank you for your so kind comments. I agree Mr. Borner is truly an inspiration.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  6. ceeque says:

    hi Bill, sorry have not been around much, ain`t too hot myself at the mo and with Christmas drawing in …
    Lovely words yet again from you, was fast to go visit the site you mentioned, another truly inspirational man!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours Bill! 🙂

    Charles, my friend. I am so sorry to hear you aren’t feeling so hot at the moment. Vi and I were actually talking about you just a day or two ago, worrying as we hadn’t heard from you in a while. Will be sending you an email, later today.
    Merry Christmas my friend

  7. gailalexander says:

    Dear Bill, warm wishes for you and yours, love gail

    Scottish Blessing

    May the blessing of light be on you
    Light without and light within
    May the blessed sunlight shine on you like a great peat fire
    So that stranger and friend may come to warm him/herself at it
    And may light shine out of the two eyes of you
    Like a candle set in the window of a house
    Bidding the wanderer come in out the storm

    May the blessings of rain be on you
    May it beat upon your Spirit
    And wash it fair and clean
    And leave there a shining pool where the blue of Heaven shines
    And sometimes a star

    May the blessings of the earth be on you
    Soft under your feet as you pass along the roads
    Soft under you as you lie, tired at the end of a day
    And may it rest easy over you when, at last, you lie out under it
    May it rest so lightly over you
    that your Soul may be out from under it quickly
    up and off and on it’s way to God

    Gail this is so beautiful, I thank you for sharing. I pass the same good wishes back to you and yours.

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