Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Earth Angels touching my Heart

I have been so blessed, so touched to the responses I got to my birthday present requests. December 13th was indeed my birthday and I did indeed flat out ask for gifts. Actually it was two gifts I requested the first in my post of Nov. 30th and the second on Dec. 1st..

The first was on that day, to be mindful of or actually watching for a way, anyway really to perform a simple act of kindness for another. The size of the act or for whom it was performed didn’t matter. All that did matter was that we spent the time and the effort to do one extra “nice” thing that day. An act of kindness coming straight from the goodness and love contained within our hearts.

The second request or the idea for it actually came from reading a post by my blogging friend Ronnie Ann. She wrote of all of the people going without food or even starving around the world and even right here in our own countries. This struck a special chord with me as I thought of the upcoming Christmas season and of the mountains of wonderful food I would be facing. It actually did make me feel guilty. My thoughts were taken back to last year when I had post my request and of a wonderful class of nursing students that had organized a food drive as their response. This brought about my second request for a simple donation of food to someone, anyone in need. Again the size of the donation didn’t matter as much as the fact that, our generous loving hearts recognized a need and acted on it. The key is the acting on it doing something to help. Is it realistic to thing anyone of us can feed the world of course not. But does that have to stop us from at least helping even one other person. I don’t think so, anything thing, everything is a help. A single can of soup would be of help to someone.

I have been over whelmed and so very touched by the response I received. In fact between here on the blog and via email I have received 42 different wonderful messages. How touched and how proud I am of all my Earth Angels and how grateful.

Initially, it had been my intent to recognize and thank each individual Earth Angel for their kindness and generous hearts. Well, I struggled with that for 3 days. Now I am sure someone with writing skills beyond my own, could come up with 42 different ways of how wonderful I think each and every act was. I do think each individual act is wonderful, but how to put it in writing without going around and around in circles repeating myself. I then thought, well maybe I should try to just hight light 3 or 4 in some way, the ones I thought were the most special. Now this was an impossible task right from the beginning. Each and everyone was special in it own way, how could I chose.

In the end I have finally decided to just high light one comment which is indicative of so many. I admit to maybe showing a little bias or fatherly pride as I chose the comment left by my own daughter, Billie. A part of her message:

“I wanted to tell you about how I honored your wish for a birthday gift. First, while grocery shopping yesterday I purchased 5 (you have turned 55 so 5 seemed an appropriate amount) of the grocery stores ready-made bags of food for the hungry. The second request (anonymous act of kindness) took a little more thought and I have been thinking about this for the past year (not the whole time but every once in a while ;) ). This blog has often spoken of heroes and so I chose to reward local heroes. Anyone who is willing (but thankfully hasn’t had to!!!) run into a burning house to save me and my family is a hero and so I contacted the local fire house. I blocked my number so that it would truly be anonymous. I found out that there were going to be 10 fire fighters, including the chief on duty last night. I then called one of the local pizza shops and told him the story of what I was doing. He said that I would need 2 queen size pizzas for 10 guys. He then said that if I paid for one he would pay for the other. So, last night all of the firefighters on duty were treated to pizza for dinner, anonymously.Happy Birthday Dad, I love you!


Have I ever mentioned being a proud Papa. Just as I am proud of all of my dear internet friends.

Many seem to be giving me credit for doing something special in all of this. I believe we do have things a little backwards here, all I did was type a few words, a request, onto the computer. It is all of you my dear friends that opened your hearts to allow the love, kindness and generosity already contained within to flow out.

It was exceptionally touching when I read comments from those that chose to make this sharing a family affair. I think of Jo, Venus, Mel and so many that wrote of involving their children. The sharing of love, compassion and genuine caring for others, such wonderful lessons to be teaching our children. Our children are the future of our world, such wonderful lessons can only make for a better world, for them and for all. I am so touched, so happy, so proud.

Many wrote of how heart warming it felt to know they had been able to help another. Of the wonderful feeling that comes from knowing I helped someone, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I helped another just out of the goodness of my heart. I hope all my Earth Angels are basking in the glory, the goodness and the warmth of that feeling. Recognizing enjoying this wonderful feeling, I can only hope will encourage us all to do more to maintain it always.

In my post yesterday, there was the comment “sometimes all the “real Angels” are busy and God uses regular people”, people just like you. I believe that God does use each of us as His Earth Angels, when the time is right and when we can and do perform, His loving acts. So, I ask, what does that make all of you. To me the answer is clear!!!! I can hear the fluttering of Angel wings coming from all over the world.

I thank you all. A mere thank you seems so inadequate, please know how truly touched and grateful I am.

May God Bless you all


5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Earth Angels touching my Heart

  1. papercutstar says:

    Hi, thought you might find inspiration in my blog entry about my father, 63 years of old and diagnosed with terminal colorectal cancer. Take a look- I hope that it brings joy to you this holiday season. http://papercutstar.wordpress.com/

    Hi papercutstar, Welcome and thank you for your comment. I popped over to your site and left you a comment. Your father is definitely on my true hero list. He truly is an inspiration for all and is a man for his family to be proud of.
    I thank you so much for sharing this. I will be returning to your site to hopefully hear more.

  2. Simonne says:

    Bill, this is so eloquently written, I just thought I’d tell you that because I know sometimes the process of writing can frustrate you! This post is fabulous 🙂
    Your “few words on a computer” inspired people to pay if forward and those on the planet who incite inspiration are often not ‘Earth’ Angels, they’re the real deal Angels in disguise… Are your wings tucked into the back of your shirt Bill? Bill?
    We love ya!

    Simonne my friend, I really appreciate your comment on my writing. Coming from someone with your high quality of writing skills, I consider this high praise in deed. I am flattered by you Angel comments. I had a little fun with Vi on this. After reading you comment I went upstairs and asked to feel my back, to see if she felt anything different. Oh, she at this point hadn’t read your comment. She ran her hand all over my back and said she didn’t feel anything different. She asked what it was exactly she was feeling for. I told her” “Well my Angel wings”, she got a laugh out of it. Those wings of mine must be hidden away very carefully. lol

  3. Jo Hart says:

    I agree with Simonne there on that one………

    What a great post. It was such a pleasure to do it, and I have loved hearing what everyone has done. Sort of gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling really……….

    Ah, Jo my friend. You are so so right about the warm fuzzy feeling. You my friend greatly contributed to my warm fuzzy feeling and I thank you so much.

  4. Mel says:


    Wonderful post, Mr. Angel.

    We all need those little nudges from time to time.
    Leastwise I do.
    I get complacent and stuck in my own little world, my own little happenings.

    And you needed to see the face of the gal behind me at Subway yesterday when I told the server–“Mine and this gal behind me”. One of these times someone’s gonna do the same for the person behind them. And won’t THAT be cool!

    It’s just way too fun.
    Gimme another nudge after the holidays, will ya?
    I might let the hubbub catch up with me and forget again.

    Hello Mel this is a message to you directly from Mr. Angel. lol. I love your story about being at subway, your generous heart just keeps on giving and sharing. I am sure you won’t need it but I will hopefully give a reminder in a month or so.

  5. Simonne says:

    That’s gorgeous! They must be well hidden indeed! 🙂

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