Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Heart Warming

Yesterday, I wrote of and copied the comment left for me by 14 year old Philippa. It is so heart warming to see the many responses, the words of encouragement and prayers that have been left for Plilippa. It is a true testament to the loving nature of the big and kind hearts of all those that left the messages. Plus, I know many others read the post and while they may not have left a message, Philippa and family are in their prayers, for which I am so grateful. This out pouring of love is such a beautiful thing to see. I have read every message and each is so beautiful and wonderful in its own way. I will not be responding to any as they are meant for Philippa, but I do thank all.

As I wrote in my post, the comment came to me via the internet, I mean by that not through a blog. Bloggers will know and understand this leaves me only with an email address by which I can make contact. Yesterday afternoon I did send a message. In it I included an invitation to revisit the site to read the out pouring of love and support coming from so many that were touched by the story and were showing their care, love and support.

I don’t know the circumstances that led Philippa to my site. Possibly a teenager searching the internet looking for answers, surfing the web, going from one site to another, I don’t know. I am not vane enough to think my site would hold enough interest, that it may have been book marked or anything like that. I hope and pray my message to her yesterday was actually read and not just deleted as we all so often do, when receiving something for an unknown source. I will be sending another message of invitation this afternoon.

In my heart I choose to believe the message was received and read. I hope and pray, she has in fact returned and has been comforted by the outpouring of love and support being sent to her. Will our messages remove the pain and fear she is undoubtedly facing at this moment, very likely not. With our out pouring of prayers, love and support can we maybe ease her burden in this very difficult part of her journey through life. YES, this I believe we can do. Can we help to possibly provide her with a glimmer of hope for the future, in what now must seem like a pretty dark and dismal world. YES, this I believe is something we can do. I have heard a saying something to the effect, we can’t be the world to everyone, but we can help the world of someone. I see this as but one opportunity to do this, I do thank all.

Philippa, my dear young friend. Through your comment you have touched the hearts and the lives of so many. You and you dad are in the hearts, thoughts and prayers of many more than you can even imagine. You are in the prayers of people from literally around the world. Much love is being sent to you. Your short comment, showed a wisdom, beyond that many will ever achieve in their entire lives. You have earned and deserve the respect of many. You certainly have mine.

My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you, your dad and entire family. You are facing such a terribly difficult time and no one can ever really understand exactly how you are feeling. Your pain and fears are yours and you will feel them, deal with them and experience them in your own way. But it is so important to also remember there are many others have had very similar thought and feelings and can truly relate to what you are going through. Right here on my blog are so many wonderful people that so want to help you.

Philippa, we are all here and whether you can imagine it or not, we all do love you and care so much about you. I know to a 14 year old it may even sound strange that people from around the world, people you have never met you, could love you. Well please believe me, when I tell you it is true.

My prayers are with your father, as I can in some way relate to what he may be feeling. I have 2 daughters and I have been told I am dying. I know the strength of a father’s love and the extreme sadness at the thoughts of being parted from them. Know your father loves you and is so very very proud of you. Know in his heart he is counting on you to carry on through your life, continuing to make him proud. He will always remain with you, in your heart.

You wrote of your father being in great pain. I am very lucky in that is something I generally do not have to deal with. Watching someone you love being in great pain is so difficult, my heart aches for you. I don’t know the circumstances of your visits with him. I hope they are wonderful visits and you are able to share your feelings of love for each other. But there is something very important you must understand. There may actually be times, when if your dad is in great pain and is not able to share his feelings of love as he would like to or as you would like to share and hear from him. Great pain can be so very difficult to deal with and sometimes can even make it impossible to share our love. I pray that it doesn’t happen, but if it does and at some point your dad isn’t showing you the love you would like to hear, see and feel, it is the pain that is causing it. His heart is really full of love for you, it is just he is unable to show it at that time.

I am sending you what we consider a big hug here in the world of bloggers, ((((((((((((((Philippa)))))))))))))). This afternoon I will be sending you another email.

9 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Heart Warming

  1. philippa says:

    awww thankyou so much im not to sure how to se the people who have repleyed on what ai said but im going to have a look now!! xxxx

  2. philippa says:

    thanks ever so much

    Philippa, It is actually I that thank you. I thank you for sharing your story with us all. For showing us your strength and wisdom.
    You, your father, and entire family are in the heart and prayers of many.

  3. Simonne says:

    Bawling now Bill, you beautiful soul.

    Phillipa, much love to you and your family, Remember that a good thing to help someone in pain is to imagine them surrounded by beautiful green light. If you hold your hands above his head and imagine beautiful green light going from your hands to his head, he’ll receive Divine healing through you.
    Much love xx

    Hi Simonne. I thank you for your kind words. I know Philippa has read your comment and I am sure will be trying the green light, thank you my friend.

  4. ron says:

    Hi Bill~

    Just wanted to let you know that I found your blog through my blogger buddy friend Grace. I left a comment for Phillipa, but wanted to stop by today and leave one for you too.

    I would have never believed that when I started blogging a year ago, the powerful way this form of communication could touch the lives of others! Truly amazing!

    I am so blessed to have been brought to your blog here. You are one of God’s Earth-Angels, Bill. And through your own life experience….you are helping others to heal. What a beautiful vocation!

    In some very profound way…I feel spiritually “altered” since yesterday.

    From my heart…I thank you!

    Be well,

    Hi Ron and welcome to my site. I thank you both for you kind word for me and the message for Philippa, we both appreciate your comments.
    You are so right when you say blogging is such a powerful tool in sharing our lives. We all learn so much from so many. I will be visiting you at your site soon.
    I am very flattered by the Earth Angel words, but I am not sure in my heart if I actually come close to that, but thank you.
    It is truly wonderful that you feel spiritually altered, for that I am so glad for you. I hope and pray you may continue to feel this way. God’s hand is constantly at work in our lives, He chose yesterday to tap you on the shoulder and increase your awareness or alter you level of spirituality. That is to be blessed my friend.
    I do hope to hear from you again.

  5. Mel says:

    Yep……me and Simmone, the weepy ones.

    (((((( Bill )))))))))

    There’s no greater gift to give than love.

  6. rhosie says:

    i hope that through our comments and prayer we were able to help you.Not totally to ease the pain and the burden you’ve been through but at least we were lessen it.To be honest one of greatest fear is losing anyone whom i love most.but you, your experiencing my fear at the young age.I found you so brave and courageous though i know it is not easy for you what your going through.I know God will always there guiding and protecting you, just have faith with Him.
    I hope you seized the day every moment you spend with your dad.Show him how much you love and care for him.Im a daddy’s girl i know what you feel.

    Godbless and be strong always………

  7. Autumn Storm says:

    To summarize Ron and offer agreement, this post represents the best of us, bloggers, people, someone, yourself, being so genuinely loving and caring and making a difference to someone else. A truly beautiful letter, and a truly beautiful heart you have.

  8. Miladysa says:

    Hi Bill

    I found your blog through Autumn Storm and have left a message for Phillipa.

    I am also sending thoughts and prayers your way x

  9. balev says:

    inmyheartblog.wordpress.com – blog about Jewish obituaries, Jewish memorials

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