Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Prayers appreciated

I haven’t been feeling well for the past several days and haven’t hardly made it online. It is nothing serious and no cause for worry or anything like that. I have been fighting a simple chest cold for it must be a month now. Different times, it seems to have run its course and be clearing up only to suddenly reappear. We have all had the same, chest feels raw, it hurts to breath, sore throat……. breathing becomes a little more difficult. When I look at the overall big picture when I think that a chest cold as annoying and uncomfortable as it may be is my only complaint, my life is obviously pretty good.

I am very lucky to have Vi here with me. She is a very smart women. How smart is she you may ask? She is so smart she realizes: She may catch a cold or what ever one week and she carries on business as normal. It may slow her down, but not really she just carries on. Now this is where the smart part comes in. I catch the same cold or flu whatever, a few days later. She realizes that “OBVIOUSLY” my cold or what ever is of a much more severe variety, which is the reason why I whine, complain and lay around like a big lump. Huh, I wonder, maybe is that just the male part of me coming out.

I have a prayer request, please. My cousin Mike is in very critical condition in a Calgary hospital. The last update I have heard is, he has under gone 2 emergency open heart surgeries. I understand he required a patch to be placed on the wall of his heart as it had deteriorated and was bleeding internally. Follow up surgery was required to repair the patch which was still leaking. I am awaiting further updates. I ask for prayers please!!!!

Thursday was a truly wonderful day. Vi and I both felt truly blessed to be able to spend the afternoon and evening with some excellent company. My cousin Carol, her husband Garry and cousin Marge stopped in for a visit. Carol and Garry all the way from Swan River and Marge from just out side of Winnipeg. The visit alone would have qualified to make my day but there is more. The ladies put their heads together and came with food. Now you just know I am going to love that. The meal they brought and we all shared was wonderful. Ladies, we both thank you so much.

Now, I do credit the ladies with the wonderful food, but Garry still managed to get himself elevated to hero status in my eyes. To any family out there, yes, I said hero status. For the past several days I had been struggling with a picture on a previous post. The picture was there but it wouldn’t enlarge when clicked on as all the others would do. I had done everything I could think of and had become frustrated with the whole thing. Then along came Garry, a few quick clicks of the mouse and the problem was solved. Thank you. Garry, you will hold the title of being my hero forever. OR, until I see someone else doing something nice, which ever comes first.lol

I want to recognize and thank, someone that I see as a hero of life. A few days ago when I was fighting with that same picture I published an appeal for help from anyone that might be able to help me out. I did receive a response from “Roads”. He took the time to write out detailed instructions for me. I thank you.

I paid a quick visit to his site and was very touched by what I read. In his blog, “the price of love” which is now on my blogroll. He is sharing his thoughts and feelings as a husband as his wife is battling cancer. Roads, I thank you for sharing as you are.

Wow, when I haven’t been online in a few days I have a lot to talk about. I have added a new page “other beliefs on death”. I am not sure if this page will do anything or accomplish anything. It is my thought or my hope, that if we all get together collectively as people and share our individual, thoughts, fears and worries. possibly based on our individual faiths or cultures. We can all benefit at the end of the day by really seeing and realizing we really are all in the same boat and that people are people and nothing else matters. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Prayers appreciated

  1. Hey Bill,
    My thoughts are with you and your cousin. I hoe that he is doing alright post surgically. It is certainly tough when family is ill.
    Sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling so well either. Colds are a pain at the best of times, let alone when you have other underlying problems, and a wife to look after. How is that going?

    Hi Martha, as always thank you for your kind comment. Generally, things are going well, I thank you for asking. How is everything with you.

  2. JustMe says:

    I’ll be praying for Mike and for you today.

    Prayers are always much appreciated, thank you

  3. Mel says:

    *sending prayers for Mike and you and Vi*

    Mel, my friend I thank you so much

  4. Jo Hart says:

    Hi Bill, sending prayers to Mike and his family.
    Sorry I haven’t been on line lately. We moved into our new house last week and this week has been a real struggle. I never thought my family would be one to enter into a feud, but unfortunately it has and I am really struggling with it at the moment. We have never been a family that turns on each other, and somehow it has happened. I suppose this is the joy of having a family business with your parents and your brother. Some people would say it is bound to happen one day. Its just made me feel really unsettled.
    Hope you get over your flu and start feeling better soon.
    Love to all.

    Hi Jo, I thank you so much for the prayers. I am glad you made it into your new house. I am sorry to hear of the whole family situation. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  5. RubyShooZ says:

    Best of wishes to you all including Mike. I hope they’re able to help him.

    I have not been around much either and it’s been hard for me to write but today I am trying to play catch-up while I can and it’s not easy so I’m just doing the best that I can. The same should go for you. We do what we can, when we can and when we can’t, we take that time we need to rest up and be good to us. I do hope you’ve been being good to yourself.

    Much love to you and Vi and thanks for the info about “Roads” and I’ll try and make it by there but I do have some long overdue visits to make to the regulars on my site – like you – even though you’re not a regular anymore. I still have you on my list of places to visit when I can.

    Peace man.

    ~ RS ~

    Hi Ruby, it is nice to hear from you my friend. It sounds like you are at least starting to feel a little better and I am so glad. In the past while I have actually visited very few of my blogging friends. When I do know you are on my visit list.

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