Dying Man’s Daily Journal – More family

I am still basking in that warm fuzzy comfortable feeling that I wrote on yesterday. Acts of kindness can produce such a wonderful feeling. I wrote of a very very nice thing done for us by our children and posted pictures of all. Hey, I have a right to show them off and brag.

I have written often of what a high tech computer guy I am NOT. Rob and kids, sorry about your picture, I am not sure why it will not enlarge when clicked on. I used 3 different pictures same result. I even carried my text over to an entirely new posting and re-uploaded the pictures, same result. I just don’t understand it, can anyone offer me any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?

While I am feeling all warm and fuzzy about family, something very important has occurred to me. I have shared pictures of my “Canadian” brothers, Eric and Robin. I have never shared pictures of my “South African” brother and sister. Physically, many miles may separate us, but that certainly doesn’t separate them from my heart. Now I suppose technically the term half brother and half sister would apply, but I don’t do anything in half way measures.

I give you my brother Bryan, sister-in-law Vicki, niece Sandy and her (at the time) new husband Wade. My nephew Barry and my sister Anita are missing from the picture but I will get one of them up soon. I will be writing more about them all soon.


I am such a lucky man to have the family I do, I know it and I appreciate it. It is one thing to be blessed by wonderful people or wonderful things in your life. It is an entirely different thing to recognize and appreciate them for the true blessings they are.

Here we go with another “Bill” statistic, nah, I will just say many. I am sure there are many of us,right at this moment that do have blessings in their lives but are so wrapped up in the issue of the moment we forget to recognize and appreciate all that we do have. Actually, I am sure it applies to everyone at certain times or points in their lives, well me anyway.

For me anyway, I think it works like this. This could apply Vi, my daughters, my family so, so many people in my life. I will try to explain what I mean. Say, I meet someone, this could be a future spouse, a new coworker, anyone really and I am blown away by how wonderfully kind and special they are. Time goes by and as I get to know them more and more they can often loose that special glow they once held for me.

Now it is true, when you first meet someone, anyone generally they have on their, what I call “party manners”, being out to make a good impression. As you get to know them better and they become more comfortable with you, those “party manners” fall by the wayside and the true them comes out and may not be quite the same person.

But, I have to question myself is that always the case? How many times is it that my perception of them is what has actually changed? Could it be the same wonderful characteristics I saw and so admired initially are still there. As we get to know people, their wonderful characteristics become the norm, what we expect of that person. With time somehow wonderful can seemingly be down graded to the norm, in our minds. They didn’t change, my perception of them did. How sad is that, wonderful characteristics suddenly are no longer recognized as such and become our normal expectations of this person. They themselves haven’t changed, it is our perception that has changed. What, we once recognized as true blessing in our life have been down graded to become just a normal expectation.

All of our lives are filled with so many blessing, It is just they are no longer recognized for what they really are. How often is it that it is only after we have lost something do we really realize what an unrecognized blessing it was, when we had it.

So often we don’t realize the blessing until it is gone, but at the same time we often don’t realize what we are missing out on until our blessing arrives.

7 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – More family

  1. Gina says:

    Nice looking family Bill. I am terrible with pictures on my blog so I really can’t help you. Mine always end up small too.

    Thank you Gina, nice to hear from you

  2. Roads says:

    [Second try. Sorry that the first attempt stripped out the code you need.]

    I’m full of admiration for your blog, so I hope this assists you with your picture now.

    Go to ‘edit post’, and then select the ‘code’ editor (rather than the visual editor).

    You’ll find the code for this picture in there amongst your writing. At the moment it looks like this (please note that I’m replacing the chevron symbols with # and *, or else it won’t post up here):

    #a href=”https://hudds53.files.wordpress.com/2007/11/tucks.jpg” title=”tucks.jpg”*#img src=”page_files/tucks.jpg” alt=”tucks.jpg”#*# /a*

    You need to strip out that code, and replace it with the following (remembering to put the chevrons back before you paste):

    #a href=”https://hudds53.files.wordpress.com/2007/11/tucks.jpg” title=”tucks.jpg”*#img src=”https://hudds53.files.wordpress.com/2007/11/tucks.jpg” alt=”tucks.jpg” align=”left” height=”85″ hspace=”6″ vspace=”6″ width=”128″ /*#/a*

    That will wrap the text around your picture. If you want to do that differently, just replace “left” with “right” or “center”, or remove the align phrase altogether.

    You can use this model as a template to upload images in future. Or you can use the image uploader in WordPress, but to get around the problem you’ve had here, you need to select ‘link to file’ rather than ‘link to page’.

    Hope that works – drop me a line at roads at roadsofstone dot com if I can help further.

    Best wishes from London.

    Hi Roads, I really appreciate your guidance. I have printed it all off and will be trying it when I upload pictures next. I visited your blog and think it is wonderful.

  3. Roads says:

    There should be just one space between the a and href in each case – sorry that it’s posted this up with a much longer gap. Hope you can make sense of it !

  4. JustMe says:

    A lovely family, Bill and Vi. And wonderful reminders to count our blessings.

    You are so right, we all have so many blessing. It is just a matter of recognizing them.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. maralorelei says:

    Thank you for sharing in this blog such a lovely legacy–for us and for your beloved family.

    I am glad that I stumbled upon your post here because I had been mulling over an idea for a story based on a man who knew he was dying of cancer (a friend’s father), and his last birthday was 9/11, and my wondering what this man was thinking of when he saw all that death and destruction. He knew that he was already fated to die, and I can imagine that he was stunned and horrified at all the needless deaths he was witnessing via television, radio and internet, if he used it. I was wondering how to get into the mind of a dying man, for while I have been close a few times, I have always been able to bounce back and have never been given a verdict of “certain death.” Would you mind if I culled inspiration from your blog to give life to this character? I cannot speak to the man who inspired me to write this story, for he has already passed with full Vietnam Vet honors, and I want this to be as realistic as possible.

    God bless you and your courage in sharing your painful journey and allowing us to celebrate your life while you are here instead of just in eulogy after you are gone.

    I thank you for your so kind comments. It sounds like the project you are going to undertake is a very worthy one. I am more than please to assist you in anyway I can. I am going to email you directly to see if there is anything specific I can assist you with.
    Good luck with it.

  6. Bill i am happy you have such a good family, you are blessed friend. xoxo nita

  7. Mel says:

    Every day I ask myself–“am I loving himself as I’ve always wanted TO love someone?” and I get to answer that one for myself.
    It’s too easy to take other people’s ‘inventory’ and point to things that I really don’t have control over. I try to spend my energy changing those things that I can–ME.

    It’s worked for me for quite some time.
    And it’s always a new day with loads of opportunities to love how I’ve always wanted TO love.
    (and it’s FUN!)

    You just keep loving ’em how you’ve always wanted to love and leave the rest up to the Big Guy.
    He’s done an awesome job of taking care of everything so far, eh?

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