Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Ideas please

Today is I am not having a good day. I thank all that have left comments of late. Many have been received under the end abuse post. Many have questions about what can we do. I ask this of all, please leave ideas or suggestions. Not just on the comments left but ideas we can individually or collectively utilize to end abuse or do our part towards it.

6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Ideas please

  1. Hi Bill,
    We need to act. I think it is that simple. When we see something wrong we need to act. When we see something right, we need to say so.
    Go and rest Bill. We’ll see you tomorrow.

  2. Dear Bill, I have taken what you wrote to heart. I have been ousted out of my comfort zone. I wrote a post on abuse. I really want to help people too, even if it means exposing my own life. Thank you friend for helping me do that. ~nita~

  3. Mel says:

    ((((((((((( Bill )))))))))))))

    Feel better.
    Know you’re being thought of and prayed for, eh?

  4. motherwintermoon says:

    Awareness is the best place to start.

    Take care of yourself Bill. Recuperate, take it easy, feel better. Sending prayers to you and Vi.

  5. babychaos says:

    I hope you are soon feeling better.

    With regard to what to do about abuse… well, where it’s there and we can, try to stop it. I think though, more importantly, we can try to reach out to people who are suffering abuse, like this…

    First, maybe those of us who have been abused could tell their stories. I say this because as a human I find that when I’m in the cack, hearing about others who share my predicament makes me feel less alone. It means there are people out there who understand, often that knowledge is all I need.

    If somebody’s been abused and they write about how they got through it but also the way it made them feel at the time it can help. If anyone writes honestly enough about what’s in their heart it will reassure people suffering in a similar situation to that being described that the things they are feeling are normal, their thoughts and emotions common to others. I say this because often they are, but because we’re too scared to mention some of the things we think, we never realise.

    I guess a lot of the fear of talking about… well… anything, openly comes from a fear of being misunderstood or ridiculed. Reading the accounts of other people who have been that open takes away that fear, making it easier to talk.

    There you go, my two pen’orth.

    Hmm… does that make sense?



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