Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Feeling Down

Yesterday and today we seem to be getting a break from the high temperatures and very uncomfortable high humidity. Makes breathing so much easier. Yesterday, was one of my big “pee” days so I have my wonkie head going on. Today, I am feeling kind of down. I am not really sure why, I suppose everyone is entitled to one of these kind of days every once in a while.

I want to say a special thank you to Simonne and all that left the so kind comments and words of support for Vi. It is nice to see her recognized as she is an earth Angel. I think that some time later today, she or possibly both of us will be sitting down to write individual responses.

10 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Feeling Down

  1. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,

    Wow! You’ve really got yourself a special lady!! She’s obviously “a keeper”! I suspect that the weight of all that she is experiencing is unbelievable, but I also suspect that Vi is a lifelong learner. I don’t know Vi but I’ll bet she’s learned more than many university degrees could ever teach and that the lessons are “life” lessons even though they deal with the sick and dying. She’s not just SMART, she’s WISE, and that makes all the difference. Give her an extra special hug and consider yourself a completely lucky man to have her. Don’t you think that she came into your life and the lives of all the others for a reason?? Makes us all see the big picture and what’s really important in this life, don’t it?

    Have a fabulous day, Wiseman.


  2. Sister Julie says:

    Hello, my friend. I’m sorry to hear you are down today. Still it is nice to read your words and check in on you even if you feel down. I wanted to tell you how nice your picture is. I was checking through my recent comments and saw not only your comment but your beautiful face! Means a lot to me. Peace be with you, Bill. Sister Julie

  3. enreal says:

    Hope you feel better, and yes we all are entitled to one of those days

  4. ceeque says:

    Sorry to hear you feeling a bit down today Bill, I know the feeling very very well…just remember, “…it`ll pass”…

  5. Simonne says:

    Hope you feel better tomorrow my friend.

  6. saija says:

    maybe it was in the weather? i was feeling like that too (on the weekend, and i blogged about it) …

    today was leo’s doc’s appt., so we went there and juggled his meds around abit (hopefully that will help) … but the GP we have now will probably be leaving in the fall – so hard to keep doctors in rural manitoba … sigh …

    oops – don’t mean to be talking negative stuff … here’s hoping that you start feeling better cause the forecast is for moderate temps! blessings on ya!

  7. Rachel says:

    Hi Bill
    sorry to hear that you are feeling down- it is understandable and completely acceptable to have days like that!
    I’ll keeping you and your wonderful Vi in my prayers
    God Bless
    love Rachel xoxo

  8. Hi Bill,

    If you read Nora’s post today it may cheer you up a bit. It got me laughing this morning.

    I am sorry you are feeling down, it could just be the affect of your chemical imbalance. Perhaps you need a good movie, and a therapeutic bag of chips?


  9. mel says:

    Oh yeah…..a good movie and a tub of popcorn is excellent therapy for a down day!

    (Makes me wanna have one just to get the goodies! LOL)

    Hang in there, Bill.
    Here’s hoping for a brighter today and way less humidity!

    *sending prayers and cool thoughts*

  10. babychaos says:

    Hello there. I’m sorry to hear you are feeling down. Don’t beat yourself up, it’s allowed every now and again! Especially when you are so up beat the rest of the time.

    I hope you are soon feeling less flat… I am about 3 quarters finished on my tag post, you’ll be glad to know… mmm or perhaps you won’t! 😉

    Take care you.



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