Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Creating ourselves

I had an idea for a post today, based on something I read on another blog. I really am going to have to start writing more things down. I can’t remember where it was I read this but it was such an excellent post.

I am having an extreme wonkie head day and can’t seem to put the thoughts together the way I want.

So for now I will put it out as a question to all that may read this and wish to comment. Can we create ourselves? By ourselves, I mean the inner us, our character, who we really are. How much does our environment and the external forces in our life, have to do with it? As mere humans is it possible to do so, without Heavenly guidance and help? How much can we do on our own?

9 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Creating ourselves

  1. NB says:

    Our inner self, our character, or who we really are is the only thing that we can possess that no one can take away. We can’t completely create ourselves alone because there such a strong influence from our environment. All of our experiences shape us into who we are but we have the choice as to how we absorb and internalize those experiences. Can we develop our character without God’s guidance? Sure. Can we make it through life that way? Sure. Will we experience our best life possible without God’s influence. Not at all. Just my two cents. 🙂

  2. Hi Bill,

    I think that we most certainly can create ourselves. There are so many things in a day that I might feel like saying, but don’t. There are things that I could do because my life would be easier, but would result in living a less moral life.
    The path on the slope down is slippery, and the climb up it is difficult but we all make our own choices in life.
    Certainly having positive or negative role models impacts an individual, however many a good seed has sprouted from a bad apple and many a rotten egg has been laid by a golden hen….

  3. rhosie says:

    I think we can create our self, we are becoming the person we want because we have a choice. God has given us the freewill do decide, but sad to say the people around us play as well a major factor that influence us whom and what kind of person we are be. All of us were not capable to resist temptation or for doing such sins. Without the guidance of God and without him on our heart I guess we become a such person walking without direction. I agree that we as person, the responsible on how to value and appreciate the life that God was given to us. God is too good, thats why He gave us freedom of freewill. I think we cant do everything by our own…. We need God guidance in everything we do, because God is our dear father whom never ever let us down. His love for us is unconditional.

  4. ceeque says:

    Its a choice thing really is`nt it? We all have influences, good/bad etc, but we decide the final choice that defines us. Its why I feel very negative when people blame everything and anything around them in the law courts when things go wrong..we all have `mitigating circumstances` but the final decisions are ours…so yes, I suppose we do create ourselves.
    Sorry to hear your head is more wonkier than normal~ hope it clears for you soon!

  5. mel says:

    That woulda been me, Bill.

    So of course the answer is “yes”…….but there’s a “no” to it as well, for me.
    The Big Guy defined me a long time ago–I’m one of His kiddos, JUST another one of His kiddos. He’s loving all of His kiddos, regardless of the choices they make. In that aspect, I was defined long ago and my worth and value simply IS, in His eyes.

    Do I get to make choices? Oh BOY do I. Will those choices ‘create’ me to be all that I am–do they speak to who I really AM? That’s the question I get to ask myself before I make the choice and put it into action.
    I haven’t perfected it yet.
    But if I purpose to answer that question before I ‘do’, wondrous things happen with my behavior and with my heart and I get a sense of “so THAT’S what You saw in me that I couldn’t see…”

  6. Sister Julie says:

    Hi Bill, Sorry to hear of your wonkiness. My prayers are with you, my friend.

    These are no small questions you’ve raised. At one level, God is the source of our being; God has coded our DNA with divine grace. So in a way, we are always drawn toward God, always “predisposed” toward the good. Yet at another level, we have free will, one of those nifty gifts from God that allows us to make choices to live out of our true nature or to distort it. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear which is which sometimes. I think in a very real way we do create ourselves. We are not “pre-fabricated” persons who come as a complete package when we are born. We grow, develop, build character, exercise talents, deepen relationships and self-consciousness, etc. We are in process. So in this sense I think we do create ourselves, but not without grace.

    I think it is possible in life to get so weighed down by the world around us (or the world within us) that we feel like we no longer have this creative power, we feel we no longer can make our own choices, reach for our dreams or chart our own path in life. This is true poverty (not in the economic sense), to believe that we have no agency, no authority (in the true sense of authorship), no power, no impact on ourselves or others.

    One of our responsibilities for one another is to encourage and be positive influencers on others because, as others noted, people and experiences do affect us. When I look at my two young nephews, I see two beautiful persons in the process of learning, “creating” themselves. I thank God for their wonderful parents and family. As an Aunt, I am an “influencer” and i will do everything in my power to expose themselves to experiences in which they can tap into the grace within them and become the persons they were created to be. That means spending time with them, listening, learning about dinosaurs, riding bikes, playing in the lake. I want them to know how loving and loveable they are and that they can do anything. I want them to take care of themselves and of others. I want them to love all of creation and protect it. I want them to seek goodness always. In these ways I think we are co-creators in a truely biblical sense.

    I know I’ve been all over with my ramblings. I’ve been thinking about your questions all day and I guess my reflections never actually coalesced into a coherent response. Such is life!

  7. Jo Hart says:

    Hi Bill, sorry its been along time since we have chatted, I still haven’t got me keyboard fixed at home, so I am at work writing again. I have been reading your blog though when I can at work. I have missed so much, and reading through there is so much I wish I could of commented on, on the days you wrote about them. You know me I love putting my 2 cents worth in.
    As for todays blog, I believe absolutely, “we are the creator of our own universe ” quote from the secret. I believe it wholely and solely. Again it comes down to choices and yes influences.
    I pose this question though, this plays on my mind. The children overseas who are bought up on war and with guns in hand, they learn from an early age that what they are doing is right and correct. They believe with their whole heart that what they do is right. They have been bought up to believe that. Again influences, but they don’t see the bad side of it. So on that side of it, it is definately the environment where they are bought up in. I often think about those countries, and feel extremely sad for them, as it is a continuous life circle for them. I wonder if that chain will ever be broken?

    Hope you feel better soon, and I still love ya even though I have been extremely quite on the postings lately.

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  9. Lisa says:

    Hi, Bill,

    I suffer from wonkiness (if I understand it correctly) sometimes, too.

    Great question! I think answering it is a lifelong journey. In light of the fact that tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of my baby sister’s death (she was three years old at the time), I am reminded that creating ourselves happens through the convergence of a combination of factors, some we control, some we don’t, but also some we can make the best of — ok, not the best, but perhaps better of, with God’s grace.

    I’ll keep thinking on this one and hopefully get back to post more thoughts soon. In the meantime, lots of blessings to you!

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