Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Todays Special Comment

Not feeling so well today and won’t say a lot. Other than please read the wonderful comment sent in by pradapixie. It is a poem she wrote just before the passing of her mother. So filled with love and yet the pain is really and obvious.

Pradapixie says she is not in a good place and needs a cry, maybe we can give her a few shoulders to cry on.

10 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Todays Special Comment

  1. sherry howdle says:

    hello Bill and Vi!

    Hope the wonky feeling passes soon. Loved the pictures. It sure is green in Manitoba!! Loved the plants, but didn’t see the killer mosquitoes in any of the photos!!! Hope they are not too bad.

    I’m glad that you had such a great Father’s Day – power tools and equipment, fishing stories about the one that got away and BBQ. What else can a man ask for right????

    Getting close to the end of school and looking forward to the summer. Will be out in my garden trying to get it to look like Vi’s!!! GORGEOUS

    I do miss those Manitoba storms. I used to love how the sky was so blue, then a tiny little cloud appeared out of nowhere. Five minutes later it was a big black cloud. Ten minutes later you were running for cover as hail was pouring down on the barn’s tin roof and it was deafing, or thunder cracked directly overhead so loudly. Then after about ten minutes, the clouds parted and there was blue sky again!!!

    It’s been raining like crazy here. We broke a new moisture record for June, so I won’t say outl oud (and you shouldn’t either just to be safe – just read it silently in your head), but I hope I get to see a couple good thunderstorms this summer!

    Take Care, Sherry

  2. reggiehudson says:

    Speechless…utterly speechless……….The poem made me THERE and a witness to the event,…….Bill, The Lord Willing….I’m on it…Breaks my heart to see people in a “not so good place” when I’ve been blessed with very good places from our Lord……
    Pradapixie if you need to talk I’ll probably hear some marvelous musical note behind your words……….because I already have by your poem…..

    From one old Brother that hears the Holy Spirit in the voice of his long gone Uncle Andrew……”You Dumb B@stard”…Uncle Drew’s favorite statement…The Holy Spirit’s daily statement because ….well…..because it’s true….well, let’s just say because I am one……comforting to know your in agreement with The Holy Spirit.

    One Dumb*ss Brother but a brother none the less,


  3. Simonne says:

    Much love to you Pradapixie. The poem is love and pain both and through your words shines two souls interwined as only mother and daughter can be, and will be through all eternity. Sending you light and love x

    Bill, sending light and love your way too – hope you feel more on top of things soon. S.

  4. pradapixie says:

    your making me cry again Bill, with your praise and you’re lovely email.
    and now other people’s love… I am lucky.

    which today i will take with me as I’m going to do a charity walk for breast cancer of 10miles.

    I’ll be back later to let everyone know how sore my feet are and all other related things.
    love px

  5. Rachel says:

    that was a beautiful poem that you wrote and really touched me
    I hope that your charity walk goes well
    I will be keeping you in my prayers- God be with you
    and Bill- God bless you
    love Rachel xoxo

  6. mel says:

    (((((((((the pixie)))))))))

    I had my mother so briefly. Boy……could I feel those words in my heart.

    Walk proud today, pixie.
    *sending prayers and positive thoughts*

  7. mel says:

    P.S. Feel better, Bill.
    *sending on healing, peacefilled thoughts to you*

  8. pradapixie says:

    please excuse me Bill for taking over you post. Just wanted to let people know I’ve done my walk,
    No blisters, just very tired. have now hit the alcohol and my youngest son is cooking me supper. How lucky am I.

    I just have to tell you as I walked I was alone part of the way and I said a prayer for my friends who are not well in real time but i also said them for those here in blogland and then i felt i was doing it for a reason.

    and that reason is love and I send it out to anyone who needs some right now.

  9. Bill Howdle says:

    pradapixie, I do not consider it taking over my post. You are welcome to comment as often as you like, I welcome everything you have to say.
    Congrats on the walk and NO blisters way to go. You are lucky to have a son that will cook you super, enjoy it with a few drinks.
    Thank you from all, prayers are always appreciated. You are to be commended for the walk and the fund raising you did.
    Take care of yourself

  10. Bill,
    You are surrounded by love and caring. How lucky you are.
    Pradapixie is another example of the kind of people who are pulled from the corners of the internet to be with you.

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