Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Different Christian Views

I am not even going to whine today about my chest cold, still have it, enough said. Vi is feeling much better and seems to have the upper hand on that flu bug. Thank you to all for the good wishes.

The last while I have done my best to respond to each individual comment posted, all are appreciated and deserve an individual reply. I hope to continue to do so, replies are under the comment section for each individual posting. My ground rules for comments are any thoughts are welcome and I will delete none other than spam. AS LONG AS, they do not contain anything that could be seem as a put down to any particular group or individual. Now, I do exclude myself from that, if anyone disagrees with anything I have to say and want to comment, go to it.

Today, I want to reply to one particular comment, right here. But, before I can begin, I want to go back and mention something I read a while ago on another blog. I am sorry I can’t remember who’s it was and I apologize to who ever for not giving proper credit. It spoke of how wonderful Christianity is (I absolutely agree) but also of how confusing it could be seen through the eyes of someone from a different faith. Look at the number of different Churches we have: Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans…… the list goes on and on. There are hundreds if not thousands of different Christian churches. The teachings of each church are different, some only slightly different some drastically different from the next. For an “outsider” looking at Christianity no wonder it would be confusing. Hundreds if not thousands of slightly different messages coming at you and each proclaiming to be the “right or true way to God”. Hum, I am a Christian and it confuses me. In some ways it almost seems the fact of the matter is, many attend a particular church based solely on how charismatic or how good a “salesman” the leader is.He is able to “sell” us on idea that his/her way is the right way. I do realize this is an unfair generalization and that many attend a particular church through their honest sincere devote beliefs. Those I pray do not take offense at what I am saying.

OK, what am I trying to say? There is always a fringe lunatic element out there and I exclude them when I say: I believe all church are good. The Bible, itself tells us not to judge are we not judging if we deem or think ourselves to be on the “correct” path and that others are not. If doing this are we not deeming ourselves to be better, or smarter that others that have not chosen our particular path. Sounds like being judgmental to me. In turn could we not use this same thinking in looking a people of the other great faiths in the world. How can any true Christian judge or deem themselves to be better than anyone else. When I say anyone else, I am not referring just to other Christian groups, I mean ANYONE else. Would a true Christian, a child of God, not show love and compassion to all. Should our love and compassion not extend out even more to those that do not share our beliefs. I so often wonder how can anyone that considers themselves to be Christian perpetrate or condone, any actions towards others that are not done out of love and caring. How could an Christian not do anything and everything they can to help all of their fellow man.

I consider myself to be a Christian. I believe in God, in Jesus Christ and that he died on the cross for our sins. I believe God wants us to live the very best lives we can and will be waiting for us at the end of this physical life. Waiting to take us to our place in Heaven. Christian, is a man made term. I admit to at times feeling embarrassed, ashamed at things that sometimes happen in this world in the name of Christianity. While never changing my beliefs, there have been times when I have thought about divorcing myself from the man made name of Christian.

OK, back to the recent comment, questioning and asking me about my beliefs. Well in a very condensed version there you are.

I am not sure how to reply to some of the other content of the comment.

“I am concerned for you because you write that you believe in God. That is good. So do the devils and they are scared. My concern is that you’re not scared and it isn’t because you have faith, but because you have no wisdom and the evil one has blinded you”

Hmm, I am not sure how to respond to that. That is a thought that has never entered my head, and frankly one that I just can’t accept. I have never claimed to have any wisdom. I state my thoughts and that is all. Anyone that choses to read may take what they like from the message. As for being blinded by the evil one, well I certainly don’t see it that way.

OK, why did I single out this particular comment. I am sure the writer is a good Christian man stating his views, thoughts and concerns for me and I appreciate and thank him for that concern. The thoughts are true, genuine and reflect his beliefs. I mean no disrespect to his gentleman or his thoughts and comments, I mention them to point out the broad spectrum, the wide range of thoughts that are within our Christian society.

Contained within the broad spectrum of Christian Churches with their differing views and teachings. Is one more right or better than the next. It is not for me to say. We are all on the same journey to Heaven, just on slightly different paths. As long as we truly live the best lives we can, all such paths will ultimately end at the same destination. How could it be other wise?

16 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Different Christian Views

  1. Hmm Bill,
    My opinion for what it is worth….
    You are a good Christian (tolerent of other’s perspectives) and a good Canadian (accepting, and forgiving of other’s views) BUT you should under no circumstance be forced to defend your opinions, beliefs, or your ideas, on your own blog.
    I think that it is fine for one to say what one’s belief is. It is completely unacceptable to challenge someone else’s belief.
    You know what they say about opinions though….

  2. Ben Maulis says:

    Your response to my comments don’t make any sense. There’s no need to go around the bush about Christian opinion, judgment, and viewpoint. I didn’t mention my opinion, judgment or viewpoint at all. I only mentioned my concern because of your apparent rejection of the words of Jesus Christ himself.

    Let me clarify that I did not write that the evil one has blinded you. That statement was part of the sentence about my concern. It is not an attack. I wrote that because I’m worried that maybe this has happened.

    The word of God in the bible commands us to challenge the beliefs of others, and to examine ourselves to see if we’re in the faith. It doesn’t command us to criticize or berate the beliefs of ourselves and others, but to see whether they line up with the truth of God’s word.

    There is one right or true way of God. Jesus said, “I am the way.”

    My words (the ones with which I’m questioning you) are not my own, but the very words of Christ. The words are not one of many different Christian views. The words are the words of Christ himself. You didn’t answer his questions.

    “Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?”

    Now I also showed you that he said that unless a man is born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God. He taught that which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is spirit and that you must be born again. That’s not my viewpoint or my opinion. Jesus himself says those things (John 3).

    The Word of God also teaches us a very simple confession by which we know that a man is born of the Spirit and of the will of God. It’s mentioned in Romans 10:9-10, 1 Corinthians 12:3 and Jesus himself solicits the confession by this question:

    “Whom say ye that I am?”

  3. ggirl says:

    I agree completely!

  4. ceeque says:

    As per Martha above, a good man has nothing to worry about and just to point out that the bible was written by humans believe it or not… comment above evokes only fear which is a shame considering God is supposed to be filled with Love and Compassion and Forgiveness, there is no forgiveness here, no compassion, no love, only a belief system that states you will abide only by the comment authors beliefs, no others sound even worthy of effort…..its that simple!
    Its your blog Bill, don`t get into this because there is no way you need to defend your beliefs to anyone. I believe in God but not in this religeous way whatsoever….but thats just me…
    Hope you and Vi are ok? Taketh Careth! 🙂

  5. Jo Hart says:

    Hey My Dear Friend Bill,
    Personally I think…………. I agree with martha and ceeque. If you have been blind sighted by evil, well then your a pretty good evil person. Because I am a believer in the same as you.
    I don’t think I have heard such a lot of B S. Everyone to there own beliefs, but don’t let this rock your own belief system. Please don’t let this play on your mind. Its not worth thought. I think you have a lot of blogging friends that would defend you to the hilt.
    You just stay the same as you are, thats why we all visit your blog. You are a genuine, good hearted beautiful soul. Don’t let one comment ruin it for you.
    Sending you angels to protect you.

  6. Jo Hart says:

    Hi Bill, I have been sitting here at work, and absolutely have no focus. I am quite furious actually.

    “Whom say ye that I am”

    Well I am Jo, and I say ye this

    “What a load of garbage” for better choice of the words I feel.

    Love ya Bill and Love ya way………… Don’t change for anyone.

  7. Sister Julie says:

    Gosh, I don’t even know where to begin except to say I’d really like to know you, Jo Hart!

    Here’s the thing … yes, the Bible is the Word of God. It was written by human beings under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We Christians have a duty to take to heart the Word of God, not to pick and choose bits and pieces of the Word of God and sling them around like a sledgehammer. This has always been a human temptation, one which Jesus himself criticized. Jesus himself was judged for not observing bits and pieces of Scripture (e.g., rest on the Sabbath which meant no healing … e.g. Luke 14) — but it did not stop him from following the Word of God and reaching out to heal people and forgive them of their sins. Jesus fully and perfectly lived the Word of God, even when judged to be violating it (Jesus was also accused of channeling evil spirits … Mark 3). The message of the Gospel is not to find fault with our sisters and brothers (lest we miss the plank in our own eye … Matthew 7) but to be bearers of GOOD NEWS, of peace and healing and love. Does this remind you of someone?!

  8. Jo Hart says:

    Thank you Sister Julie for explaining this like you have. I cannot believe how angry I have felt about this and the comments were not even directed at me. I shouldn’t be angry I know as this is not even my blog, nor is it my right to judge another. But this just got under my skin. Bill I do apologize as I did read above that you delete none except spam and you stated that no ones put others down here on your blog. That wasn’t my intention, I just felt very protective as everyone on this Blog, I read all there comments and they are all just such a beautiful group of people, all with their own worries and life stresses, but who all show a genuine compassion towards each other.
    I somehow feel you all as part of an extended family.

  9. Well I suppose I had my gut feelings on this topic confirmed when I visited Mr. Maulis’ website.

    Thank you Sister Julie for your interpretation of the scriptures. My H was also insensed by the quotations and ‘picking and choosing’ of scripture.

    Let’s all have a nice weekend, and let’s take time to consider what it means to be friend.

  10. Grace says:

    Wow….it’s exactly this sort of stuff that had me walk away from the Christian church without a backward glance.

    Someday, “Christians” will put LOVE ahead of everything else. Including the Bible and their own interpretations of it.

    Sir, I don’t know you and I stumbled upon your blog by accident. I’d just like to encourage you with this thought: This present life, when it’s time to leave the body, is not the end. It’s simply another leg in the journey. May you Be at peace.

  11. winnipegbc says:

    sister julie has hit the nail on the head. who are we to take a piece of scripture and hurl it like a brick at someone? it does no good and it hurts.

  12. chris and suzanne says:

    i inadvertently signed my message above from winnipegbc. my husband looks after the blog for them. sorry about that. if anyone in winnipeg wants to go to the winnipeg boys choir concert on sunday, it starts at 2:30. crescent fort rouge united church and the cost is $5. hope to see you there. i’ll be there if my son gets better.

  13. ceeque says:

    well Thank Heavens for Sister Julie is all I can say! I feel exactly as Martha re. Sister Julie`s interpretation. What a wonderfully stated piece of writing, Thank You Sister Julie! 🙂

  14. LorriM says:

    We should not have to justify our faith to anyone, at any time. We shouldn’t have to defend it, either, to another human being. In our heart of hearts, if we believe in G-d, then that is the important thing. G-d is the only Being we have to defend our faith to.

    As long as we live a good life, try not to hurt others, do good deeds, act loving and caring toward our fellow human beings, and are sincere in our spiritual efforts, beliefs and spiritual pursuits, we are fulfilling what G-d wants.

    Who are we to judge another? The only one capable of judging our actions is G-d, period, the end.

    Peace and Love to you and Vi.

  15. mel says:


    This is such a peace filled spot.
    And the presence of words that hurt instead of heal, made me sad.

    I wasn’t expecting that—not here.
    I don’t know why it is that I came to believe ‘here’ would be exempt. I just did.

    Maybe it’s because I’m just one of the many who find solace here–who leave with their minds stretched, their hearts lightened and their arms opened to embrace the gift of another day.

    That was the sad part for me.

    Not the messenger.
    I can’t shoot him–he’s just another child of G-d.
    But I can’t endorse, overall, what’s being said, or won’t…..because it’s just not my experience.
    The part in me that knows the answer is in the loving won’t endorse the words.

    I believe in the greatness of a loving G-d.

    And Bill–I believe in your personal mission here.
    I believe in your heart …..and I believe in you.


  16. donna says:

    ohhhh…..this makes me sad….
    i am looking forward to the day when there will be no more arguing….no more anger….no more tears….is it possible we can extend agape love….hugs to you and vi….and the heartfelt words you pen….


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