Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Purpose in Life

Over the past few days I haven’t been all that regular in my postings. Have been enjoying company. I have written about my Aunt and cousins visiting and will I am sure write more in the near future.

Just as everyone was leaving my brother Robin arrived with his 2 boys Trent and Travis. I really can’t tell you how much I am enjoying the family visits and that more family has been visiting of late.

Everyone seemed quite excited about the blog and the success it has been having. Several of my cousins even came on line and did their own postings. They all read the blog so hello to all family, well hello to everyone that may read this.

Over the weekend and particularly in discussions with my brother Robin this morning, I have come to really realize and appreciate how important this blog is to me. To a large extent it has become the main focus of my daily life. It helps me keep going. I suppose giving my life some sort of meaning or purpose.

I think it is true in all stages of life, we need a purpose for being. I have heard so many times of someone working hard all their lives, finally reach retirement and sadly pass away shortly there after. I am not sure but maybe it is because they have lost their purpose for being. I was a banker for over 33 years and suddenly I am not. Being a banker had become part of my identity, part of who I saw myself as being. Suddenly, that is gone and you are left with nothing, no purpose for being. Your whole life as you have known it is suddenly gone.

That is the position I found myself in. My “life” was gone as was a large part of both my physical and mental capacities. All so very frustrating. There is so often an urge or tendency to want to just curl up in a ball and lay in  bed and wait for the “big event”.

I believe, through Divine Intervention I discovered blogging. I started off very hesitantly, but the more I wrote, the more feed back I got, the more it increased in importance in my life. It has progressed to the point where this blog is one of the main reasons I drag my butt out of bed in the mornings.

Over all, I consider my life to be a good life. I am sitting here thinking as I write this. I am sure there are a lot of doctors or who ever will correct me when I say this. To feel full filled or content everyone needs a purpose or a sense of being able to contribute in some way. The blog has become my purpose for being. I now see your purpose for being doesn’t have to be some huge task, in fact it can be anything we chose to make it.

I read some where, happiness doesn’t depend on the cards life deals you. Happiness depends on how you deal with the cards you are dealt.

10 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Purpose in Life

  1. Catherine says:

    “I now see your purpose for being doesn’t have to be some huge task, in fact it can be anything we chose to make it.” That makes me smile!!!! Have a great weekend Bill. Life is God!!!!

  2. LorriM says:

    Bringing joy to family members, and others, is a good purpose, in and of itself.


  3. John Stephenson says:


    How true your last comment today is.
    Each one of us must play the hand the God dealt us.
    Our attitude depends on playing it out as God dealt it..if we can accept that we can be satisfied and happy withn ourselves.
    I know that once I learned to accept that and as such accept the limitations my heart disease has put on me without complaining that life is better.
    Thanks for reminding me Bill.

  4. linusmann says:


    Your wonderful attitude must immensely help your family members deal with the cards that you were dealt. Even if your hand’s a little shaky some bluffing can take you a long way (if it’s not very profound it’s because I just made it up).

    Oh yeah, thanks for dragging your butt out of bed everyday because many people, including myself, look forward to your posts.

  5. Allison says:

    Powerful message today. How you play the hand you were dealt is exactly what I belive to be true. My mother has had some bad luck the last few years. She feels sorry for herself alot and I belive this only brings her down more. The worse she feels the worse it gets. She has health problems, personal problems it is just one thing after another. Sometimes I don’t want to talk to her because she it is always about poor me and it brings me down. I wish she could have more if a postive attitude.

  6. radiantwoman says:

    Wow Bill, I have not seen your butt (yet) but I believe you have a very special butt. It could well be the abode of your guardian angel. She flies from the butt to your ear to whisper that it is blogging time to communicate about who you are, just for today.

    If only we could see for ourselves what difference we make in the lives of others. Just like a stone making numerous and never-ending ripples in a pond. You are here to inspire many people.
    By this post it seems that the ripples are now carrying lots of love back to you. All my blessings dear Bill and I wish you and your butt many more happy blogging days. 🙂

  7. saija says:

    blogging really helped me at a transitional point in my life … when i was feeling overwhelmed … through this format, i’ve met some wonderful folks who have cheered me along …

    i’m so glad lindor did that story on you – that’s how i came across your blog …

    blessings to you, bill, as you continue to share your life’s journey …

  8. Someone in Alberta says:

    Hey blog buddy…
    I love the last quote. Kinda goes along with my life quote to “Bloom where you are planted.”
    Thanks. =)

  9. Mel says:

    Happiness isn’t having what you want–it’s wanting what you have, eh?

    Hard learned lessons for some folks, Bill–including me.
    ‘Purpose’, that ‘knowing’ that you’re contributing somewhere, has been a huge deal for me.
    It still is.
    Like you, it’s part of what keeps me grateful for another day.

    And I’m grateful you’re a part of my ‘today’.

  10. k says:


    Thank you for your thoughts!

    I agree with Lorri above. Many people feel that they have to be busy “doing” something; rather then just being busy “being” something.

    Although, I have to admit, I have competing thoughts on the idea of “how we respond to the cards we are dealt” concept. Yes, I agree. Our response is the critical component. However, the phrase itself sort of implies that “you got a raw deal” (i.e., a bad hand) and let’s see what you can do with it. Maybe it just seems over-used. I certainly don’t know your circumstances, but our expectations have continously grown over time and if we don’t live to be 90 – we think we got short-changed. No generation in the history of mankind – and that’s a lot of generations – ever expected to live as long as we do. If we make it into our late 40’s or 50’s – we already outlived a couple of Billon people who lived before us. Jesus gave up his life at 33; so if we live longer than that – how can we say it’s too short. If our Savior only got to live to 33; how do we complain? Every year after that is gravy!

    Also, the phrase implies that the time we did have – was somehow not up to par. “If it wouldn’t have been for this bad hand, life would be grand.” I believe there was a movie star some time ago that became ill and mentioned the phrase “dealing with the cards he was dealt”. What bad hand? You become famous for doing what you loved, you were successful, made tons of money, traveled the world, ate at every fine resturant, enjoyed resorts around the globe; lived in a beach house, had beautiful kids, a great wife, tons of free time, bought houses for his parents and provided for his siblings, associated with all the other famous and wealthy people, and who knows what else, – and once he became ill – told everyone that he “had to deal with the cards he was dealt”. What an upstanding guy!! Does the guy who lives under a bridge – but lives to 90 – have a better hand?

    And the phrase implies, someone else is going to win because I was dealt a bad hand. It’s the game (life) that’s important; not the result of who gets the chips! Nobody gets to keep the chips anyway. “Gee, I got a bad hand, so someone else is going to win the pot!” [In reality, the pot NEVER gets taken. The players just keep changing and the game goes on. Sure, one player make get quite a few chips stacked up, but, at some point, he/she has to push it all to the middle and watch some other player hold it for awhile. The chips may move around the table – but they never leave it!]

    And that you never look back on your life as “having a bad hand”. The fact that you’re in the game – you’re already a winner – regardless of what you were dealt. The cards are irrelevant. [That’s probably why we are never allowed to look at the cards!]

    I truly hope the years you have here – were pleasant, enjoyable, and full of laughter and that you have many people whom you love.

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