Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Hospice

Hospice is such a wonderful organization. How can you find words to describe how wonderful is an organization and its mostly volunteer group that works specifically to comfort and aide the dying and their families. Such a noble self sacrificing cause. My own dear Vi, is a volunteer for their end of life program. As such that is the part of their organization I am most familiar with.

Last evening we spent a couple of hours at their volunteer appreciation night. Talk about a humbling experience. To find yourself in a large room filled with people that, I can only describe as Angels of Love. I sat so proudly with Vi, knowing she is one of these Angels.

Really, is there any better term you could possibly use to describe these amazing people, Angels of Love. I have written in the past about random acts of kindness and every single act we do is so important in making the world a better place. The regular acts done by these Angels of Love, give a whole new meaning to the very words kindness and love.

So many people, if not maybe even the majority of people are very uncomfortable with thoughts of dying and being around the dying. But then you come across this special group. People that voluntarily put themselves in the position going to regularly visit and spend time with the dying. They each contain such a huge heart, so full of love, they will go specifically to spend time with a terminal patient. They go to just try and be a help or comfort to the patient and family. Dying can be a very lonely business and it is often companionship they provide. Do they do this because they “want” to be around a dying person, for sure not. They do it out of love and compassion, from the goodness of their hearts. They see a person in need, very possibly in the hardest time of their lives. Their hearts lead them to try to comfort and support that person.

How can you really describe such people. The words heroic, loving, generous, selfless, noble………, all come to mind. I was honored to even be allowed into the same room as all of these Angels of love.

Vi, I have always been proud of you but never more so than now. You are my Angel of Love.

10 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Hospice

  1. Thank you for sharing – there is so much kindness in this cold world if people will just open their eyes to see.

  2. Catherine says:

    That’s one beautiful love letter, Bill.

  3. Allison says:

    What a nice thing to be involved with Vi is a special lady.

  4. JCF - March 22/07 says:

    Bill, I have read your journal and cannot comprehend the strength and unselfishness it takes to write and share your thoughts and feelings. I do hope that you know this has been an inspiration to all who read your words. I also wanted to relate a true story of the way my two sisters and I “got through” the difficult time of being at our dying Mom’s bedside. Mom had a stroke 8 days prior, which in itself is hard to watch. We were brought to Oct. 12/2002, knowing that Mom only had hours to live. We knew it was for the best, because her quality of life would not at all be what she would be happy with, but at the same time – we were not ready to let her go – it hadn’t been a year that Dad died (Oct. 29/2001). We grew up on a farm and always seem to be singing. When we milked cows, drove to visit relatives and/or neighbors on Sunday afternoons or shelling peas – whenever we gathered as a group – especially Mom and her three daughters. That Oct. 12/02 we realized that Mom taught us to do a lot of things with song – so for 4 solid hours we sang by her bedside. At times her breathing was laboured, and she didn’t struggle to breath while we sang ” Nearer My God To Thee’. It did seem like a miracle. We went on to other hyms, but always came back to that one, when Mom seemed to be struggling. I had never expereinced a death before, but my Aunt (who was also there) had, and she said it was the most peaceful one she had ever seen. The nursing staff at the Nursing Home were also so touched when we started singing and when we told them why we did it. It also gave my sisters and I a peaceful feeling that we gave Mom the send off we did. It seemed the right thing to do for Mom. I tell you this story because my wish for you is to have peace in your final journey.

    If God brings you to it;
    He will bring you through it.

  5. ceeque says:

    my niece also has become a psychiatric counsellor to terminal patients and she also has to have counselling every now and then to shield herself from the effects. Something I had never thought of but must be true! God Bless Vi for this voluntary action as it cannot be an easy task at times, there are Angels walking amongst us…:-)

  6. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,

    You’re living with a really special lady, Bill. What honor there is in what she does for the dying. I sure hope when my time comes that someone will be there for me…Oriental tradition says that when we truly love, it is never lost. It is only after death that the depth of the bond is truly felt, and our loved one becomes more a part of us than was possible in life.

    Peace, Wiseman.

  7. saija says:

    when my dad died, one of the hospice nurses cried more than i did … they really do love the people they work with – and miss them when they die … yet they return daily to their jobs, with more love to give … amazing folks for sure!

  8. LorriM says:

    How wonderful for those that Vi is involved with…and what blessings and caring she brings to the lives of others.

    What would, not only the dying, but the family members of the dying do, without these Angels of Love.

  9. Jayleigh says:

    Thank you for such an amazing tribute to Hospice Volunteers. I am one… and it’s very good to my heart to see my work from a patient’s view.

    I was referred to your blog today by journeytomom and I will bookmark you and keep you in my thoughts.

  10. donna says:

    I discovered your blog from jayleigh’s…I work as a home health aide caring for the elderly in many varying circumstances. Your blog reflects peacefulness, dignity and thoughtfulness…bless you…


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