Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Reunion Opportunity

I know everyone that signs in doesn’t always read the comments. If you don’t you are really missing out often on wisdom far beyond any I can provide. There is one comment today that may be a golden opportunity for someone.

All may wish to read a comment left earlier today by Tami Spence. Tami is a television producer and is working on a new television show coming in the fall. In the show they wish to reunite some one with a terminal illness with someone from their past, a long lost friend, a mentor, someone special that would be like a dream come true to be reunited with.

I am giving it a shot and have contacted Tami at the email address she provided. I wanted to just share the opportunity with all.

****Just learned available in US. only*****

12 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Reunion Opportunity

  1. Allison says:

    Wow that is fantastic Bill. I hope you get your wish. I will pray that this opportunity works out the way you want it. You deserve it.

  2. babychaos says:

    Fingers and toes crossed, I think you’d be brilliant.



  3. ceeque says:

    I really really hope this works out well for you Bill!

  4. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,

    I’m even crossing my eyes hoping you’ll get this chance! Could we potentially be blogging with another future Tom Cruise–a more sane one I’m sure!!! I get dibs on your autograph. LOL

    Have a great day! Spring is around the corner…I even went out and sat on the deck yesterday while the cat rolled around in the warmth of the sun.

    Peace and joy always, Wiseman.

  5. Catherine says:

    Just don’t forget about us, and the lasagne.

  6. Jo Hart says:

    Hi Bill,

    What a great opportunity for you. I wish you all the very best with it. You will have to let me know what channel and I may be able to have a look on the internet.

    I have had a look at the hospice website. I passed the web address on to my cousins wife. I am hoping she takes a look, and can hopefully get some help with it. I have also contacted the cancer council here in Australia to see what else I can do, information etc. I am waiting on an email from them with some litrature.

    Yes I forgot about the lasagne. Isn’t it 40,000…… only 1,135 hits to go………

    Thankyou dear friend.


  7. LorriM says:

    I am sorry it didn’t work out for you Bill. I know you hope that someone in the U.S. will be able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

    Blessing to you.

  8. KEN HOWDLE says:

    Good Luck with this Bill…..I hope you get picked…..

    I hope all is well with you and Vi…

    I hear you are expecting “3 Queen Bees ” to be coming to the hive in Winnipeg from Alberta, for a visit.
    I don’t have much dirt on these 3,Bill, so you and Vi are on your own
    when they get there…..I would caution you to watch them( as they are descendents of Isabel’s….and who knows what secret recipes have been passed down)
    I do know this much…..Shirley & Gloria’s husbands both had a full head of hair in their wedding pictures…..and that is certainly not the case now……that could be caused by stress,nerves or Granny’s Hair Tonic is not the godsend that they would like us to believe.

    And Sherry……seems somewhat dilusional (and has been for years) as she is still waiting for some has been wrestler to come and carry her away.

    Come to think of it …you actually may not see much of the “QUEENS”
    when they hit town. I think they may simply using you as an excuse to get away to Winnipeg…..where it is rumored some of Shirley & Gloria’s old boyfriends now reside…..and Winnipeg was the last known siting of Sherry’s infamous wrestler…..no wonder she is still in therapy.

    There is still time to back out before their arrival,Bill & Vi ……hell, they fly right over Saskatoon…they would never think of looking for you here….

  9. saija says:

    it’s too bad the program is a US one …

    and i was chuckling over ken’s comments … sounds like your house is grand central station … but in a nice way!

  10. Mel says:

    Ah well, pfooey on the deal not being available to you-but I’m hope someone who wanders in there might grab the opportunity.

    And I got a great chuckle about ‘the QUEENS’…LOL…. Oh how blessed you are with family who loves you like that!

    LOL Darn good thing therapy’s even an option for ’em!

  11. kuntrygurl says:

    That’s too bad it’s not available to you. Is there a program where you live like “Make a Wish” but for adults. I remember seeing it somewhere. It was either on TV or the web. maybe you can check into that.

    Keep your head up!

  12. I’m sorry that isn’t available for you, Bill, but how nice to have been approached about it!

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