Dying Man’s Daily Journal

Had some computer problems yesterday, well actually it was the server that went down. Other than 2 or 3 minutes in the early morning, I couldn’t get online until late afternoon and by then I was to tired to write anything.

I did something yesterday, that maybe, wasn’t such a good idea. My sleep patterns seem to be all messed up at least from what is the “norm”. I average likely between 11 and 12 hours a day but am still always feeling tired. At night I only get maybe 6 hours with the rest being naps through the day. Yesterday, I decided to try and skip all my naps and hopefully get a full nights sleep and not need the naps as much. Made it through the day although really tired. Plan didn’t work as I still woke up after about 6 hours. Doc. told me to nap as much as I need, well maybe that is what I will have to stick to. So much for trying to more organize my day to the “norm”. But who decides what is the “norm”. Really tired and sucked out today.

Off for a nap.

One Response to Dying Man’s Daily Journal

  1. Mary says:

    Hello, Merry Christmas. How did it go at the dr’s? Hope he gave u something to help w/the nausea that will not make u too drowsy. Hope your sleep gets back on track also. I’ve never been much of a sleeper. I now take an anti-depressant that helps me get 8 hrs! Heaven! I loved your story about Munga. My mom passed away 6 yrs. ago & the hurt never goes away. She sounds like your mom, no matter how sick they are, they always want to fix u something to eat or drink. 🙂 I can’t wait till Christmas Eve because my church has a wonderful children’s Mass. The church is decorated so lovely. Hope u have a wonderful & blessed Christmas. God bless.

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